Garage Floor Paint

Epoxy Floor paint for concrete garage floors, workshops and warehouse applications.


CHEMCOAT KA™ is a hard wearing solvent based pigmented epoxy paint. The CHEMCOAT KA™ contains minimal fillers to achieve maximum strength to endure a long life. The solvent in CHEMCOAT KA™ is just enough to allow easy application. This product is usually applied in two coats, resulting in a concrete floor suitable for high traffic flow and constant abuse. Often used in fork lift areas, amenities, workshops garages, plant rooms for dust proofing, chemical resistance, food prep and hygiene areas for a long lasting quality paint coat.

Non slip floors can be achieved by incorporating various grits in the first coat. Preparation may vary depending on concrete conditions, but we always recommend on grinding the surface.

Colours: Stock item, grey, made to order light grey, dark grey.



  • Degrease floor: With degreaser if necessary, vacuum up and let dry.
  • Crack and broken slab edge repairs: ARMAFLEX “V” OR “H” concrete repair kit. (Allow 48 Hours to cure.)   Large spalls should be patched with ARMAGROUT AP epoxy mortar, make sure all damaged concrete is removed with grinder and Jackhammer.   Small spalls and patches to be patched with P13epoxy paste after preparation (Clean scabbled or ground finish). Patch floor before grinding if possible.
  • Grind floor :Various machines are available to diamond grind and remove all contaminates and latency. The surface of the concrete should be clean and smooth, showing appropriate signs for good bond allowing the paint to penetrate.
  • Oil in concrete:   If slab contains oil after grinding, Degreasing will be necessary. (Wash down several times with degreaser vacuuming up all dirty residue and let dry) This area will require sealing with our ARMAGROUT “LV” (Seal-Coat).
  • Seal-coat:  Mix ARMAGROUT “LV” Paint floor using 230mm or larger 12mm nap roller cover. Allow time for seal-coat to penetrate. Continuous application may be required on porous concrete. When sealcoat stops soaking in, roll over area once again spreading seal-coat evenly. Straight after painting broadcast an even sand coat, resulting in a dry sand finish on surface. Allowing to cure, sweep up resulting in a sandpaper like finish.
  • Small Patching:   P13 epoxy paste can be used to patch all small dings and defects in floor. All patching must be ground off smooth and level. This also remove any gloss finish left from epoxy patches allowing paint to bond.
  • Vacuum floor Vacuum and mask up any areas ready for paint. Sweep floor if small stones are present and Vacuum again.
  • Minor patching may be completed 1 hour before painting so as paste is homogenous with the paint. Make sure that patching is smooth and flush with surface.
  • Check you Paint Have all equipment ready for the job before mixing our CHEMCOAT KA paint and all required Signage is up.  Insure you have the right colour Paint and that the kits are complete with correct Part B.
  • Kit Sizes

    1.75Lt    Half kit                Part A 1.25Litre               Part B .5Litre

    3.5Lt      Standard kit        Part A 2.5 Litre                 Part B 1 Litre

    10.5Lt    Triple Kit             Part A   7.5 Litre                Part B  3 Litre

  • Application time.
  • CHEMCOAT”KA” is an air curing epoxy. Once mixed you have a long pot life of over 4 hours.
  • Mix CHEMCOAT”KA” epoxy floor paint with slow speed power stirrer 400rpm as below

    Empty Part B contents into Part A pail.

    Mix for 5 Min,     let stand 5 Min,    Mix another 5Min,     Let stand for 15 Min.

  • Cut in edges with paintbrush and roll out paint using 11 mm nap roller. Paint should be applied evenly and effortless which results in a thin coat that will
  • Coverage approximately 6m2.
  • Pull up any Masking Tape.
  • Stay off for 20 hours or until paint is hard enough to walk on without any damage.
  • Re-coat, consecutive days or within 3 days. Apply usually 2 coats. Our 30/60 sand can be mixed into paint to for non-slip coating. Please talk to us regarding your specific job, or any further information.